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Benefits of adding social content to your site

Earn trust with social feedback

Using authentic feedback from social-networks provides the highest level of authentication and proof of original review.

Boost site with fresh high quality content

Add your users content, to improve the quality of your site. Add videos, feedbacks, pictures and reviews from any social network.

Increase engagement and improve conversion

User-generated content engages your site visitors, boosts search engine optimization and grows your brand. Use PeekaPost to showcase external discussions, and posts on your site.

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Adding Social feedback and user generated content to your site

Receiving positive feedback from a happy customer is a fantastic! But in many cases, these feedbacks are locked inside the social network border instead of reaching your potential customers.

PeekaPost fixes this problem and enables your company to showcase your customer's feedbacks, comments, and posts, inside your site.

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How Does PeekaPost Work?

Users can use our search engine panel to find reviews or our browser extension to add the latest user-created feedback.
*PeekaPost offer professional services collection curation as part of the business account.

Once you find a piece of content you like, add it to your collection.

Once the collection is ready to be published, add a description, and choose a format for the embedment of the content.

Then, you will receive an email with HTML embedment code. Where all you have to is insert the code into your website.

Note: You can always edit your collections and change the items shown on your page.

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